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We are pleased to offer a full service optical shop here at Maryland Vision Institute in our Hagerstown and Hancock locations. 


Proper Fit

If your frames fit properly on your face, they will not pinch or move on your face when you make any facial expressions. When your glasses on your face, they should not rest on your cheeks or touch your temples. If you feel any discomfort from your glasses, then they may not be the right glasses for you. Come to Maryland Vision Institute to make sure you have the right fit for you.

Are Eyeglass Lenses Important?

Your eyeglass lenses allow you to see the world like you should. People tend to focus 80% of their time choosing their frames and not the lenses. However, seeing well now and in the future should be just as important to you.

Cleaning Your Lenses

  1. Rinse your eyewear frame and lenses by using warm soapy water or a lens cleaner that is safe for non-glare lenses.

  2. Dry your eyewear with a lens cloth or 100% cotton.

  3. Wash your cloth frequently to remove dirt and oil deposits, using a gentle cleaner.

Glasses & Contact Lenses

What types of glasses do you offer at Maryland Vision Institute?

We offer a full spectrum of glasses frames for both adults and children and for every budget out there.  From high-end designer frames (e.g. Gucci, Kate Spade) to more affordable ones, our optical shop carries them all.  We also carry a full line of sunglasses from such chic designers as Maui Jim and Costa.

Why should I get my glasses from you instead of online or at a “big box” store?

One of the chief advantages of getting your glasses with us is the quality of frames, lenses, and service that you will get.  We do not skimp on our materials.  Our four opticians also spend the extra time with you to ensure that your glasses are properly fitted on your face, which is something that no online store can do for you.  Although we emphasize quality first, our prices are actually on-par with both local and national glasses chains.

I just had cataract surgery performed. Can I get a pair of glasses from you?

Another nice benefit of getting your glasses with us, is that our optical shop is enrolled with Medicare. Part B of Medicare pays 80% of the “Medicare-approved amount” for one pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery. You would be responsible for the other 20% according to Medicare rules. In general, Medicare will only reimburse or pay for a “standard” eyeglass frame after cataract surgery. We carry a large selection of basic frames priced within Medicare’s fee schedule. Medicare does not pay for upgrades, such as progressive or transition lenses. Medicare does not pay for eyeglasses or contact lenses in any other situation besides after cataract surgery (e.g. routine). Please visit the Medicare website for more information about eyeglasses or contacts after cataract surgery.  

What types of contact lenses do you carry and fit?

We carry and fit a wide variety of contact lenses from daily- and planned-replacement to hybrid and rigid gas permeable lenses. Our optometrists are also experienced in difficult contact lens fittings including patients with keratoconus and those after full-thickness corneal transplantation.

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