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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost and Financing

At Maryland Vision Institute, our goal is to make world-class, state-of-the-art LASIK affordable to everyone. That’s why we have offer one price for our all-laser Wavelight LASIK procedure. For patients who qualify for our Contoura Vision LASIK procedure, we also offer a single price.

Unlike corporate or discount LASIK centers who advertise cheap LASIK…only to have you pay more when you schedule your procedure because of your prescription – Maryland Vision Institute offers one LASIK price regardless of the amount of Astigmastism, Nearsightedness or Farsightedness you have. 

We are focused on giving you the best experience possible, along with the best results. We continually invest in the most advanced technology and equipment out there. We dedicate our time to make sure proper maintenance of the equipment is kept up and that you receive a thorough diagnostic prior to surgery. This means we can help you achieve the best visual outcome possible.

With the utilization of patient financing through CareCredit or a small down payment, patients are able to finance the LASIK procedure with convenient monthly payments.

What Factors Can Influence Your LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

  • Current Quality of Vision: Some eye surgeons charge more for people with a worse prescription. At Maryland Vision Institute, we give you the same price as every other patient for your Laser Vision Correction procedure.
  • Experience: Surgeons with the most experience tend to charge a bit more because they bring lots of expertise to the table.
  • Technology: Vision centers that invest in the latest, safest technology often charge slightly more to cover the costs of new lasers. Maryland Vision is dedicated to giving you the latest and greatest technology.

Cataract Surgery Financing

To help make all of our vision correction procedures accessible to patients, we offer convenient patient financing options with monthly payments. This includes our cataract patients who may want to finance their out-of-pocket expenses. Our goal at Maryland Vision Institute is to help you make an educated and informed decision about your vision correction procedure. Whether it is for cataract surgery, LASIK, retinal care, or glaucoma management. Our standard and premium cataract procedures are approved by Medicare and most health insurance companies. However, most surgeries are not fully covered by Medicare or insurance providers. Therefore, your coverage – and any out of pocket expenses you may incur – will depend on your deductibles and the type of cataract surgery you decide is best for you.

Specific Coverages

For traditional cataract surgery at Maryland Vision Institute, your insurance company will provide you with a basic (monofocal) lens that will provide excellent overall distance vision with glasses. Prior to cataract surgery – and are receiving a standard monofocal IOL – you will likely need some type of corrective lenses following surgery. Most insurance or heath care service provider pay the Outpatient Surgery Center fee and the cost of anesthesia, as well as the surgeon’s fee for cataract surgery, minus any deductible or co- pay requirements

The advanced vision treatment options available to you are not fully covered by most insurances. However, insurances allow cataract patients to ‘upgrade’ their IOL’s for a nominal fee. During your cataract evaluation, your doctor may recommend an advanced treatment option to provide you with the best possible vision outcome. These advanced options will allow you to not need glasses following surgery unlike the standard IOL.

Thanks to recent changes in Medicare and health care coverage, costs for health care coverage in general will be shared by three entities: 1) The insurance provider; 2) The medical practice; 3) The patient. At Maryland Vision Institute, we want to help you understand the complex nature of healthcare costs and welcome any of your questions.

What Factors Can Influence Your Cataract Eye Surgery Cost?

  • Standard Cataract Surgery: Little to no additional out of pocket expenses incurred other than your standard deductibles.
  • Astigmatic Cataract Surgery: Advanced IOL technology and lasers now allow Maryland Vision Institute to correct your Astigmatism at the same time as your procedure. Our techniques are approved by Medicare and the insurance industry. However, it is important to note that this procedure is not fully covered. Therefore, there will be additional out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Premium Cataract Surgery: Premium cataract surgery at Maryland Vision Institute features advanced multifocal lens implants and Femtosecond laser cataract technology. These premium IOL’s are designed to reduce or eliminate your dependence on corrective eyewear following surgery. Our advanced technology is approved by Medicare and the insurance industry but is not fully covered. Therefore, additional out- of-pocket expenses will be incurred.

Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts

One of the best ways to pay for a portion of your LASIK vision correction procedure, prescription eyewear or contact lenses is by setting the money aside in your Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). These types of accounts give you a great advantage in tax savings. These accounts are an excellent way to pay for qualified healthcare expenses using pre-tax money. These accounts are typically set up through employers and funded through payroll deductions.

What’s the Difference?

Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)– Money set aside in your FSA is available in full at the first of the year, while the deductions from payroll are taken as the year progresses. One potential downside to FSAs is the “use it or lose it” provision. You will have to use the entire amount set aside in a 12 or 15-month period, or else your funds will be forfeited. Most employers typically capped your FSA savings at $5,000 per year but major change to the FSA is a limit of $2,500 that commenced with plan years January 1, 2013 and later. Employers can still set the limit at a lower cap so it is important to review your company’s plan.

Enjoy a tax savings on LASIK of nearly $1,000 with Flex!

Calculate Your Savings:
$2,500 Maximum Allocation toward Flex Spending Account
x 39.6% (use your tax bracket here)
$990 = A total tax-savings of nearly $1,000 using your Flex Plan!

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)– Money set aside in your HSA is available as the deductions from payroll are applied throughout the year. In 2013, families can choose to contribute up to $6,450, while individuals can contribute up to $3,250 per year. Unlike an FSA, your funds don’t expire at the end of the year. Any unused funds can continue to roll over to the next year.

Calculate Your Savings:
$3,250 Maximum Annual Individual Allocation toward Health Savings Account
x 39.6% (use your tax bracket here)
$1,287 = Your total tax-savings on LASIK using your Health Savings Account!

Plus, you can save even more with a family Health Savings Account or by carrying funds over to the next year!

Combine Our Savings With Your Flex Spending or Health Savings Accounts 

LASIK at Maryland Vision Institute is a ‘covered procedure’ under your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and your Health Savings Account (HSA) at work. That means you can save hundreds of dollars tax-free by using your FSA or HSA dollars for LASIK. When you combine those savings with our $2500 savings, having the vision of your dreams with LASIK at Maryland Vision Institute has never been more affordable.

Payment Options

  • Cash / Money Order / Cashier’s Check
  • Credit Card – We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Combinations – Cash, Credit (including Flex) and/or Financing
  • CareCredit Financing